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Candles, Swaziland

Our candles are handmade in the small African kingdom of Swaziland using the age-old technique of “milleflore’’.

The Milleflore, or “thousand flowers” technique first surfaced in ancient Alexandria, but was perfected in the great glassmaking cities of Murano and Venice. On the African coast, beads from Venice were used as a form of currency to barter for gold and ivory. They proved to be popular, so North and West Africans came to make their own variations. African trade beads were born. The art of milleflore continues today in Swazi Candles. Candle makers of Swaziland use a special hard wax to create their colourful designs, instead of glass.

The Swazi Candles workshop is a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation. Workers are included in all decision-making processes and provided with health care, insurance, food and travel allowances. 

Despite the popularity, each candle is still made and finished by hand and no two are the same.