Kenya: Hand-crafted Gift Cards

Kenya: Hand-crafted Gift Cards

These delightful cards are hand-crafted by Kenyan artisans. Lilian Omondi and her team of artisans hand-make each card from upcycled materials of wire and metal, accompanied by colourful beads. The cards are formed by shaping wire to express messages and depict vibrant flowers, figures and butterflies. 

When Lilian’s father died at the age of nine, Lilian left school to support her family. Lilian lives in Kisumu, where 100-year-old houses are in the process of being demolished to build new government-built houses and tenants are currently in the process of being evicted. Lilian is a single mother to two children and owns a souvenir shop for tourists visiting the area's natural attractions. 

Lilian focuses on using her creative talent to produce products, through collecting soft drink cans and upcycling the materials to form figures to sell. She has since begun fashioning the figures onto hand-cut greeting cards.

Through purchasing a pack of Lilian’s cards you will be helping Lilian support her family, pay rent, put her children through school and will also be supporting up to 20 local artisans that help to create these wonderful greeting cards. 

You can view the card range here. And her Christmas cards here. 


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