Uganda: Beeswax Wraps and Hand-woven Bowls

Uganda: Beeswax Wraps and Hand-woven Bowls

The AfriBeads project in Kampala, Uganda, supports a group of 30 women. Poverty is a widespread  issue in Uganda, with women often struggling to survive and support their children. This project enables local women to create stunning handmade products to sell in an Australian context, giving them the opportunity of employment and the ability to care for their families. 

At the Hamlin Shop we stock beautiful handwoven baskets made by this project. Our baskets are made of banana leaf, raffia or water reeds and are individually hand woven using traditional techniques. Every basket is different. 


We also stock reusable beeswax wraps that are eco-friendly, plastic free and natural. These wraps are made from cotton, fabric, honey beeswax and rosin. 


This social enterprise is an accredited Fair Trader of Australia and NZ, committed to helping improve the lives of local artisans who produce the products, maintaining ethical and sustainable values. Fairtrade ensures fair pay, decent working conditions and the empowerment of individuals. 


You can purchase hand-woven bowls here and beeswax wraps here.

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