Ethiopia: Fairtrade Textiles

Ethiopia: Fairtrade Textiles

Our fairtrade textiles are handmade in Ethiopia using hand-spun cotton and techniques inspired by ancient weaving traditions. All of the dyes are eco-friendly and made of local plants, herbs and natural products from around the world. 

Hand weaving is an intricate, time-consuming process that results in richly textured fabrics. Every step of the process is handmade, from the spinning of the thread to weaving the cloth and even finishing the details on each of the products. A weaver can often only produce three scarves per day due to the complicated production process. 

Our supplier is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization and operates a wonderful facility in Addis Ababa where spinners and weavers are employed in a safe, supportive and comfortable environment.


Cotton is sourced from smallholders around Ethiopia. Some of the cured obstetric fistula patients from the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital are now earning an income by spinning cotton for this supplier.

With the support of Hamlin customers, our orders are enough to provide full time employment for five weavers and five spinners.

Discover our extensive range of fairtrade textiles: scarves, hand towels, bath and beach towels, tablecloths, tunic dresses and capes.


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