Special signed Wendy Sharpe Tea-Towel - 3 only

Signed by Wendy Sharpe herself!

Wendy is one of Australia's most acclaimed artists. She has been awarded the Sulman Prize, two travelling Scholarships, The Portia Geach Memorial Award (twice), The Archibald Prize and many others.

The tea towel depicts Wendy’s painting of Hamlin's Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital. In late 2019, Wendy travelled to Ethiopia where she witnessed firsthand the life-changing work of Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia. In this painting, she has captured the beautiful garden at the hospital - a tranquil oasis where patients convalesce and socialise in their colourful hand woven Hamlin blankets. 

Dr Catherine Hamlin would often say "We treat the whole patient with love and care, literacy and numeracy classes, a new dress and money to travel home.”  

This 75% linen and 25% cotton tea towel is a beauty! A good size at 52 x 70cm, it is made from the highest quality fibres. 

Watch the story of Wendy's journey to Ethiopia here