Hamlin Shop Favourites Back In Time for Christmas

Hamlin Shop Favourites Back In Time for Christmas

Brighten up your home this Christmas and make a difference. Your favourite Hamlin Shop products are back in time for the start of the festive season! Searching for the perfect gift can be time consuming, luckily the Hamlin Shop’s range of Fairtrade artisan products features beautiful, unique presents for everyone.  

Behind every product is a story of an individual, an artisan and a family you are supporting by purchasing from the Hamlin Shop. So your purchase this Christmas will not only brighten your home but bring joy African communities and women suffering fistula. 

Here are some of our favourite Hamlin Christmas gifts...

Kisii Stone

Hand carved with love from soap stone mined in Kenya using handmade tools, these stunning stone love hearts make a perfect gift. These hearts support sustainable employment opportunities through the Kisii Stone project.  

Feel the love this Christmas by purchasing this stunning stone here.


Soy Wax Candles

Handmade by artisans in Swaziland using the ancient technique of Milleflore (thousand flowers) a method of decorating glass that is skilfully adapted to soy wax creating unique designs. Each candle illuminates the colourful design and casts a rich glow to brighten up your home this Christmas. These beautiful candle holders support fair trade artisans whilst proceeds help Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia’s work in eradicating obstetric fistula. Forever.  

Explore our Swazi Candle range here and support our vision of enabling a brighter future for women everyday. 

Salad Servers

If you’re looking for something for a friend who is always entertaining, these handcrafted salad servers make for a perfect present. Carved from beautiful Kenyian olive wood and embellished with a cute Giraffe or Zebra you can serve a salad knowing that you are creating hope for communities this Christmas. 

Purchase your salad server here


Telephone Wire Bowls

A cheerful and colourful gift for a friend, Telephone Wire Bowls are an exemplar of sustainable production and local craftsmanship. Featuring a mesmeric spiral and cheerful colours, this bowl makes a fun Christmas gift that also supports the employment of over 400 people in South Africa.  

Available in three colour variations, you can purchase our Telephone Wire Bowls here


Shweshwe Slippers

Combining traditional South African Shweshwe fabric design with stunning beadwork these slippers are an eye-catching, practical Christmas gift. Made in South Africa by a women’s cooperative, this slipper empowers women to establish independent livelihoods. 

Our Shweshwe Slippers are also available in Magenta and Turquoise. Get yours today!


Placemats and Coasters

A fantastic and practical Christmas idea! The Hamlin Shop Coasters and Placemats are handwoven from Lutindzi grass in Swaziland. This unique and practical gift supports a group of over 700 rural women, allowing them to generate an income to establish a brighter future. 

Our coaster range is available in three colours here and placemats can be purchased here


Christmas Decorations

Wanting to refresh your Christmas decorations this year whilst supporting Fairtrade artisans and fistula patients in Ethiopia? The Hamlin Shop has unique, vibrant decorations that will brighten your home and bring joy to communities in Africa. Adorn your mantelpiece with the Hamlin Shop’s Christmas Reindeer, beautifully crafted by Zimbabwean refugees Givemore, Luckmore Disanuhupe and Advance.

The Zulu Beaded Christmas Stars are a fantastic addition to any Christmas tree. Handcrafted by Ndebele women utilising traditional beadwork techniques these stunning decorations enable women to build a brighter future for themselves and their family.  

Discover more of our unique, ethical Christmas decorations here

Looking for more ethically made Christmas ideas? Explore the Hamlin Shop range here

By Aimee Barac-Dunn, intern at the Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation

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