Wrap Yourself in Love

Wrap Yourself in Love

Support. Skills. Income. Independence.

The Hamlin Shop's Brave and Beautiful Scarf is made by patients at Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia's rehabilitation centre, Desta Mender. Desta Mender is Amharic for 'Joy Village' and is a tranquil place where patients can physically and mentally recover from their fistula repair surgery.

The facility provides longer-term patients with individually tailored counselling and skills training programs which help restore good health and independence. Patients are able to return to their communities empowered with new skills, such as handicrafts and business management.

Our Brave and Beautiful range takes its name from the brave and beautiful patients who make the products. The Brave and Beautiful range supports our recovering fistula patients at Desta Mender in two key ways: it provides income to these women and it raises funds for Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia's work to provide total and compassionate care for women suffering with fistula. 

A Beautiful Companion for Cooler Months

Our Brave and Beautiful scarf, available in two sizes, is hand-crafted from raw Ethiopian cotton and bears the name of the patient who knitted it! The raw cotton and chunky knit gives a unique character to the product.


The scarf is a chic addition to any outfit - they are the perfect length and a great way to keep warm as the mercury drops. The universal quality of the classic design and raw texture makes this scarf a staple for men and women for the years to come.  

More than just a scarf 

When you purchase a Brave and Beautiful Scarf, you are not only getting a warm and stylish addition to your winter wardrobe; you are providing support, skills training, income and independence to our brave and beautiful patients. 

Wrap yourself in love today! 

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