The Ultimate Winter's Day at the Hamlin Shop

The Ultimate Winter's Day at the Hamlin Shop

As the southern hemisphere chills down, we reach for our favourite Hamlin Shop products that make winter a little sweeter. From your morning walk to a delicious dinner, we have just what you need. 

Before you head out for a crisp winter’s walk, be sure to bundle up and for a good cause.

Handmade Knitted Beanie

And yes, they are just as cosy as they look.

Find a variety of colours here.

Shea Butter

Keep your skin happy and healthy from the bite of winter without all the icky chemicals.

Find more scents and lip balm here

You’ve just got home from a chilly walk - what’s next? Cuddle up under a blanket with a hot cup of coffee and a heartwarming book.

Handknitted Hamlin Blanket

Handknitted Hamlin Blanket that adds colour and good vibes to your home. Made with love by passionate Hamlin supporters.


Find your favourite colour combination or collect them all here

Hamlin Roast Coffee Beans 

Hamlin Roast Coffee Beans, yield a typically soft, round, citrusy flavour and have been ethically sourced from Ethiopia. Enjoy your cup of joe, knowing you are supporting smallholder farmers and women with obstetric fistula injuries in Ethiopia. 



Purchase your next bag of beans here.


Book - Healing Lives

Curl up under your Hamlin Blanket, with your cup of coffee and tuck into an inspiring story about two incredible women that formed an unlikely friendship, that united them into a mission to save the lives of countless women. 

Have you read Catherine Hamlin’s books? Find them here



As the sun begins to set, what better time to invite your family and friends over for a dinner party to beat the winter blues.

Hamlin Spice + Recipe Booklet 

What should you cook, you ask? Find the ultimate comfort meal with the flavour of Ethiopia in this delicious duo of the Hamlin Cooks Recipe booklet and traditional spice, Berbere.

You can purchase your next favourite recipe here. 

Dilla Napkins

Why not jazz up your table setting with a pop of colour made from natural dyes?

We love the vibrant yellow, and if you prefer neutral tones, we also have that here too.


Soy Tealight Lantern 

Don’t forget the mood lighting. This candle brightly illuminates the unique design and casts a rich, romantic glow. 

Read the story behind this beautiful design here

You’ll know exactly what to get your guest for their next gift, buy yours and theirs here


The Gift of Nutrition

The meal you share with your dinner guests doesn’t need to end in your kitchen; extend the love to a woman across the globe. Good nutrition is vital during her healing. Your generosity supports her holistic recovery process.

Give the gift of good nutrition here. 

When you buy a fair trade or ethically made gift from our online store, the proceeds support the work of Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia, helping to restore the lives of these brave, beautiful women. 

Written by Paige Isley, intern at Catherine Hamlin Foundation.
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