The Power of Your Purchase

The Power of Your Purchase

At the Hamlin Shop, every product tells a story - about where it came from and who you are supporting. The myriad of products at the Hamlin Shop are sourced from ethical and Fairtrade manufacturers across Africa who provide sustainable employment to local communities.

It is important to know the story behind your purchase, whether as a fun conversation starter or as a quiet reassurance that your everyday actions are helping the lives of those less fortunate. The power of your purchase can make a world of difference.

Supporting artisans at a difficult time

As people across the world spend more time at home, more people than ever before are shopping online. The power of your purchase when shopping online can support communities in various African nations and provide security at a time of economic instability.

Despite the logistical difficulties that COVID-19 has caused, the Hamlin Shop is committed to supporting ethical producers and artisans across Africa. The brunt of the economic fallout from the pandemic is disproportionately felt by women; through patronising handicrafts and agricultural goods (such as hand-spun cotton and virgin shea), consumers are able to support female farmers and artisans in Africa.

Now more than ever, farmers and artisans are in need of support. The organisations that the Hamlin Shop sources its products from provide a fair and reliable source of income that help employees, and by extension, whole communities. When you shop at the Hamlin Shop, you not only support the work of Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia to eradicate obstetric fistula, you are also supporting the livelihoods of African artisans.

Sustainable September

Sustainable September is a grassroots initiative encouraging consumers and producers to reduce their environmental impact and to build a sustainable marketplace. By cutting down on waste, and recycling or upcycling materials, artisans are able to reduce their carbon footprint and prevent unnecessary landfill.

Several Hamlin Shop products are made from upcycled materials. From telephone wire bowls to beautiful jewellery made from the bullet casings of earlier conflicts, artisans transform often discarded everyday materials into unique, beautiful homewares and jewellery.

Another way to shop sustainably is to shop vintage. The Hamlin Shop's boutique collection of Vintage Ethiopian Table Linen features unique patterns and intricate needlework. Shopping vintage is a fantastic way to live sustainably and to stay ahead of trends, giving your home a distinct character.


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