Packing in the Inspiration

Packing in the Inspiration

Introducing the 60th Anniversary Inspiration Collection

2019 marks the 60th Anniversary of Dr Catherine and Reg Hamlin's arrival in Ethiopia. Their work combatting obstetric fistula has inspired generations. You can inspire your friends and family (and yourself!) with our 60th Anniversary inspiration collection.

These inspiring gifts includes the likes of 'The Hospital By the River', 'Catherine's Gift', a Gift from the Heart card and a Hamlin Shopping Tote Bag.

The new edition of 'The Hospital By the River' is an autobiography (written with John Little) which tells the story of this remarkable woman's life and work over the past six decades. 

'Catherine's Gift', written by John Little, follows some of the patients who have travelled to Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia in the hope of a cure for their fistula injuries. It is an emotional and inspiring insight into the lives of the women that Catherine has dedicated her life to caring for.



The Gift From the Heart cards are a unique way of showing your care. Proceeds from these card help the team at Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia to find and treat fistula sufferers. 


The Hamlin Shopping Tote Bag is a staple in the Hamlin supporter's life. It's an easy way to show your love and support for Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia.

Together, the 60th Anniversary Inspiration Gift Pack is the perfect way to show your Hamlin pride or to introduce a friend or loved one to the incredible work of Dr Catherine Hamlin.


Inspiring us for 60 years

In the 60+ years since Catherine and Reg first arrived in Ethiopia, the Hamlin team has been responsible for treating over 60,000 women suffering with obstetric fistula. 

Catherine's work has inspired many - from Oprah to Dame Quentin Bryce, people across the globe have learned of Catherine's dedication and been inspired to act.


Discover more stories from Catherine's 60 years in Ethiopia with our 60for60 blogs.

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