Knitted critters from Kenya

Knitted critters from Kenya

Have you met our knitted toys from Kenya? Sheep, teddy and finger puppets are all looking for new homes. 

We have been very lucky to have the services of Wendy Atkins to photograph these gorgeous little guys. We caught up with her recently to talk abut Hamlin and why she loves volunteering her photographic skills.

Hand knitted teddy

"My main passion in life has been photography which saw me set up my own business Chapter One Photography six years ago. I have volunteered my photography services for Imani X-Change, a Kenyan NGO which provides work for disadvantaged women, and also in Cambodia. I was delighted to take up a project with Hamlin. Like so many supporters, I have been aware of the Hamlins' journey to end fistula injuries and train midwives. I relish the opportunity to be able to help achieve these goals.

I love photographing newborns in their first few weeks of life, capturing these very special, fleeting moments. We are so lucky to live in a country that offers us the opportunity to birth our babies in safety, with midwives and obstetricians to ensure the well being of mother and baby. Not so with Hamlin fistula patients who go through so much trauma during childbirth and have not only horrific memories surrounding their labours and deliveries but lifelong physical injuries. I feel really privileged to be able to contribute, in some small way, to healing Hamlin fistula patients.

I love these handknitted toys, which I often use in photographs with newborns. They are made from handspun wool, and hand knitted by rural women in Kenya. The money earned from making these goes directly into the hands of the women who can then improve the quality of the lives of themselves and their family. They are very cuddly and can be washed so are ideal for children of all ages."

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