Kazuri Ceramic Jewellery

Kazuri Ceramic Jewellery

Supporting Fair Trade artisans 

Kenya – magic land of hot colours, ocean blues, sandy plains, pounding hooves and spotted shadows. This is the home of the original small and beautiful Kazuri beads and pottery hand made from earthen clay. 

Our beautiful range of Kazuri ceramic jewellery is created by hand, through a Fair Trade project near Nairobi, Kenya.

What began with two women in 1975, is now a thriving enterprise employing more than 300 local people. 


Small, beautiful and changing lives  

Kazuri means ‘small and beautiful’ in Swahili, with each bead inspired by the colours, culture and wildlife of Kenya.

Perfect for any occasion, day or night, we have necklaces and earrings in a wonderful selection of colour palettes and designs to choose from.


Our new earring range features either single beaded or two-tone double beaded styles in gold and silver and the new colour range is amazing!

Whether you are looking for calming pale blues and greens, bolder reds or anything in-between we can help you find your perfect match, and because each piece is meticulously made by hand you know it will be unique!


Proceeds from the sale of our beautiful range of Kazuri jewellery not only helps this Kenyan Fair Trade initiative, but will also directly support the Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation restore the lives of women with devastating childbirth injuries and continue Dr Hamlin’s mission to eradicate fistula, forever.

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Author: Louise Glen (Volunteer)

As a mother, having experienced only safe and joyful childbirth, I was so dismayed after reading Catherine Hamlin’s book, Hospital by the River, to learn that many thousands of women and girls suffer so greatly and are subjected to a lifetime of shame through no fault of their own.

Dr Hamlin’s lifetime of dedication to restoring the health and dignity of these women inspired me to volunteer and contribute in some small way towards her mission to give each woman access to safe childbirth and to eradicate fistula forever.

I have been a Hamlin Volunteer since August 2018. I enjoy it immensely and feel honoured to be a small part of this wonderful organisation.

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