How to Support Ethical Producers and Artisans This Mother's Day

How to Support Ethical Producers and Artisans This Mother's Day

The Hamlin Shop is committed to supporting ethical producers and artisans across Africa, including Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa. The organisations that the Hamlin Shop sources its products from provide reliable and fair income that supports artisans, and by extension, whole communities. Many Hamlin Shop suppliers, such as Kazuri, are women-led collectives with entirely female workforces.

Small and beautiful

Kazuri in Swahili means “small and beautiful.” The name is a perfect descriptor of the signature beads of the delightful Kazuri jewellery range. The organisation was started in 1975 by two single mothers experimenting in handcrafted ceramic beads in a tiny workshop in Nairobi, Kenya. As the organisation grew, there was a conscious decision to hire and train women from nearby villages with low employment rates. Today, Kazuri employs over 340 women skilled in the crafting of ceramic beads transformed in beautiful earrings and necklaces.

We think Mum will love a Kazuri necklace for Mother's Day. Made from kiln-fired clay, the Kazuri range features hand-painted beads in an assortment of vibrant and intricate patterns that take inspiration from Kenyan culture and scenery. The Kazuri range features myriad colourways that vary from playful accessories to sleek statement pieces.

Ethical jewellery that supports women

Kazuri is a member of the Word Fair Trade Organization, a global group which verifies the fairtrade practices of social enterprises, and promotes businesses that prioritise people and the planet. Kazuri aims to provide sustained employment opportunities for women from disadvantaged backgrounds, with a particular emphasis on employing single mothers. In purchasing from the Hamlin Shop's Kazuri collection this Mother's Day, you are not only showing your appreciation for the maternal figure in your life, you are also showing appreciation and support for female artisans in Kenya and their communities.

Looking good and doing good

Behind every gift is a story. From I know you’ve wanted this for ages to I totally forgot and needed something last minute, the gift you give has a lot to say. This Mother’s Day, thank Mum with a gift from the Hamlin Shop that shares the story of empowerment. 

Your gift this Mother's Day tells more than a story about the makers; it also tells the story of how, through gift-giving, you are helping transform the lives of women with debilitating childbirth injuries. 

In rural Ethiopia, many women have little or no access to medical care during childbirth. If they have an obstructed labour, these women can suffer for days before heartbreakingly suffering the stillbirth of their baby and an obstetric fistula injury. Fistula causes permanent incontinences and marginalises women, pushing them to the edges of society.

At Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia, women with fistula are welcomed with love and expertise. Patients undergo surgery, counselling and physiotherapy; this treatment is provided free of charge thanks to Hamlin donors and Hamlin Shop customers.

All profits from products sold at the Hamlin Shop support Hamlin’s work to eradicate obstetric fistula. Through purchasing a gift from the Hamlin Shop's Mother's Day collection, you are not only giving a beautiful present and supporting ethical social enterprises, you are also helping care for some of the most marginalised women in the world.


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Photo credit: Mary F. Calvert

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