Handwoven Textiles for the Summer!

Handwoven Textiles for the Summer!

As the days stretch out and the mercury rises, the need to stay cool while you're out and about becomes paramount. For the perfect accessories to your summer adventures, you don't need to look any further than the Hamlin Shop's new handwoven Ethiopian textiles range.

The staff at Team Hamlin picked out their favourite Ethiopian textiles from the Hamlin Shop:

Handwoven Linen Mariam Scarf

Keep cool in hot and humid weather with this gorgeous lightweight linen scarf. Delicate and soft to the touch, this scarf was handmade in Ethiopia using locally produced linen and natural dyes.

Available in Blush, Grey and Sky, the Handwoven Linen Mariam Scarf is a beautiful example of expert craftsmanship. You can get yours here


Handwoven Abay Beach Towel

These drop-dead gorgeous beach towels are a burst of colour on a summer's day. The Handwoven Abay Beach Towel is made from thick, hand-spun Ethiopian cotton - which means it's soft and dries quickly!

Feeling versatile? Use the Abay Towel as a throw over the arm of your sofa!

You can get your Handwoven Abay Beach Towel in Tangerine, Sunflower, Light Grey/Blue, Blush and Dark Grey. Explore the colourful range here!


Handwoven Ari Shawl

Whether it's protecting you from the sun or keeping you warm on cool summer nights, the Handwoven Ari Shawl is a fantastic accessory for the warmer months.

This lightweight shawl was hand-spun on a traditional loom. Hand weaving is an intricate, time-consuming process that results in richly textured fabrics. Every step of the process is handmade, from the spinning of the thread to weaving the cloth and even finishing the details on each of the products. 

This shawl is available in multiple colours - Sky, Grey and Pale Pink. You can purchase your Handwoven Ari Shawl here.


Handwoven Hand Towel

A marvellous pop of colour in the bathroom or kitchen, the Handwoven Hand Towel is created from luxuriously thick, hand spun Ethiopian cotton.

We love this hand towel's supplier for its proactive empowering of women - 50% of its workforce are women and women make up 75% of their management positions!

You can get the Handwoven Hand Towel in Sunflower, Blush, Grey and Tangerine. Explore the range here!


Handwoven Queen Saba Scarf

A scarf fit for a queen, the Handwoven Queen Saba Scarf is 100% silk. Lightweight and elegant, it adds the perfect finishing touch to your day-to-night summer outfit.

Available in Dusty Pink, Silver, and Coral iterations, the Handwoven Queen Saba Scarf makes for a gorgeous gift this Christmas. Purchase this stunning gift here!


Handwoven Queen Saba Shawl

For something a bit bigger, the Handwoven Queen Saba Silk Shawl is a beautifully crafted lightweight shawl that will become a staple for your wardrobe. Handmade in Ethiopia using locally cultivated silk thread and natural dyes, this is a stunning example of Ethiopian textile work.

Treat yourself to the Handwoven Queen Saba Silk Shawl - available in Midnight Blue and Dusty Pink here.


Discover more about the process of hand-crafting these incredible textiles here.

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