Hamlin x Five Dock Book Club

Hamlin x Five Dock Book Club

Five Dock Book Club x Hamlin

Recently, Five Dock Families (FDF) Book Club took advantage of our new book club offer. The Hospital by the River was nominated by one of their members, and agreed upon, even though the majority of the group had never heard of Dr Catherine Hamlin, the work of the Hamlins or even an obstetric fistula.

That had all changed by the time the group had their meet up in late June - they were so inspired by Catherine that their meeting ran for over five hours! (They assured us that it was the book and not the wine that kept them talking for so long!) and the talking didn’t stop there, their facebook group chat continued where the night left off.


Words… and action!

The FDF Book Club also decided that they wanted to contribute to Catherine’s work and set up a fundraiser with the aim of raising $700 to cover a standard fistula operation for one woman. As of the first week of July, they have raised a staggering $1,000… and counting! Click here to view their fundraising page.

We hope to inspire more book clubs like FDF to read The Hospital by the River and Catherine's Gift and learn more about the amazing work of Dr Catherine Hamlin and the team at Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia. 


If you are interested in sharing The Hospital by the River or Catherine's Gift with your book club, please email us at hq@hamlin.org.au

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