Ethical Ethiopian Tableware

Ethical Ethiopian Tableware

Every Hamlin product contains a story, a history of traditional artisan techniques. Our homeware range contains exquisite Ethiopian tablecloths, handmade by artisans using traditional skills with a modern twist.  

100% Ethiopian Cotton

For centuries, cotton production has been an integral part of Ethiopian life, locally cultivated and handwoven to create traditional clothing. Our tablecloth range is entirely hand-woven using locally sourced Ethiopian cotton, by a network of women in Addis Ababa

Woven in Tradition 

Inspired by Ethiopian ancient weaving traditions, every stage of the process is handmade from the spinning of the thread to the weaving of the cloth, creating beautifully textured tablecloths.

The skill of hand spinning cotton is passed down from mother to daughter. Honouring this tradition at Hamlin, we support the employment of five female spinners and weavers full time at Sabahar. This enables the enrichment of womens lives and the continuation of an Ethiopian tradition to create modern textiles. A rare commodity in todays’ mechanised textile industry, enjoy the beauty of handspun textiles with our tablecloth range here.  

The art of hand weaving has been a central component of life in Ethiopia for centuries, passed down from father to son. Even today, the majority of traditional clothing is handwoven. Although found in every Ethiopian village, with an estimated 200,000 hand loom weavers across the country, the art of weaving is disappearing. To help preserve this ancient practice Hamlin tablecloths are sourced from Sabahar who employ traditional artisans.

Combining generations of artisan skills with contemporary designs creates beautiful, unique tablecloths. Focused on the simplicity and purity of natural fibres, artisans produce one to three textiles per day, due to the detailed production process. Ancient techniques produce richly textured modern designs. 

Naturally Dyed 

The woven cotton is tinted with colour by environmentally friendly dyes mainly extracted from plants. Rekindling Ethiopia's tradition of natural fabric dyeing, our tablecloths obtain their colour by marigold, safflower and Indigo dyes creating soft, yet stunning colours to brighten up your table.

Finishing Touches

Every step is done by hand, including the finish of each tablecloth. Finishing is a time-intensive process that involves sewing labels, cutting fibres, sewing the products, ironing and quality checking. Once completed the tablecloths are ready to be shipped to you! 

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Placemats & Coasters

Handwoven from ‘Lutindzi’ grass sustainably harvested in the mountains of Swaziland by a Women’s Fair Trade group, this six piece coaster set makes a perfect gift for someone who loves entertaining. Available in white, lime or natural. Pair it with our matching set of placemats here


Salad Servers

Serve up hope this Christmas with our beautiful salad servers carved from Kenyian olive wood and embellished with a cute Zebra or Elephant. These salad servers help support local communities and aid reforestation efforts. Purchase your salad servers here and help create hope for communities this Christmas. 









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By Aimee Barac-Dunn, intern at the Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation

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