Coffee: An Ethiopian Tradition

Coffee: An Ethiopian Tradition

Coffee. A part of nearly everyone's life at least once a day, but did you know coffee is a gift from Ethiopia? 

Legend has it that in the 9th century goat herders noticed that their goats were frolicking and full of energy after eating berries from the coffee plants. After giving it a try themselves the legendary ‘pick me up’ was born.

Today, coffee ceremonies form an integral part of social and cultural life in Ethiopia. An invite is an incredible mark of respect and friendship. Girls are taught from a very young age how to perform the intricate ceremony and share it with family, friends, neighbours and visitors. 


Host your own coffee ceremony 

  1. Get your hands on some beautiful raw Ethiopian coffee beans
  2. In a frying pan begin to roast the beans as friends arrive, filling your space with the delicious aroma of coffee
  3. Put your cups together and pour coffee in one continuous stream - the pouring is one of the integral parts of a coffee ceremony
  4. As a mark of respect, serve the oldest person attending your coffee ceremony, followed by guests and family 
  5. Get set for an afternoon of talking, sharing and friendship as traditional ceremonies serve three rounds of coffee to each guest!


Host a High Tea for Hamlin this Spring 

Coffee or tea, it doesn’t matter what you choose to serve during a High Tea for Hamlin. You can still bring this special tradition of care and friendship to your inner circle. This is why High Teas are so special to us. 

By hosting a High Tea for Hamlin, you are joining a community of women celebrating sisterhood - connecting friends, mothers, daughters and sisters in support of women on the other side of the world while honouring the traditions of Ethiopia.


Want the coffee experience without the full ceremony? 

You can share the tradition with your High Tea guests by serving coffee made from Hamlin Roast Coffee Beans.

Hamlin Roast Coffee Beans are sourced from Ethiopia and are of the Washed Sidamo variety, yielding a typically soft, round, citrusy flavour.

When you buy Hamlin Roast, you are not only supporting an Ethiopian woman in urgent need of medical care but also some of the 15 million Ethiopians who rely on the coffee trade for their living. 

So, drink up in the knowledge that, as the Ethiopians would say, "Buna dabo naw" - "Coffee is our bread"!   



Sign up here to host your own High Tea for Hamlin and celebrate sisterhood while supporting women in Ethiopia.

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