Capes, Ponchos and Sustainability

Capes, Ponchos and Sustainability

As the colder Winter days approach, the chilly weather is the perfect opportunity to add some sustainable style to your wardrobe with our beautiful and cosy capes available only at the Hamlin Shop

The Anna Cape is a stylish wardrobe staple that can be worn as a cape, jacket or poncho, offering a versatile and lovingly hand-crafted addition to your outfit. The Maret Poncho is the perfect warm cover-up, making it a great piece for the cooler months. 

The Maret Poncho is available in stunning Sage and Slate and the Anna Cape is available in two eye-catching colours of Merlot and Navy. The beauty of these capes and ponchos is found not only in the stunning pieces themselves, but in their story: how they were made and the fact that each purchase supports local artisans and Ethiopian women recovering from obstetric fistula injuries.

Weaving in sustainability

Slow fashion is becoming increasingly important as it benefits both our planet and its people. Slow fashion means the creation of carefully made, quality products that will last a lifetime, unlike fast fashion, which produces a large volume of clothing and pollution. Handmade in Ethiopia, all capes and ponchos sold at the Hamlin Shop are created responsibly and purposefully, meaning the Hamlin values of care are sewn into every item. 

From hand-spun cotton down to the naturally produced dyes, each step of the garment production process is filled with love to create a quality, lasting piece. Traditional Ethiopian hand looms are used to weave cotton and fabrics are dyed with natural products, such as coffee and herbs, ensuring each step of the process is as sustainable as possible.

Working for change and made with care

Care is taken to create a well-made product that will keep you warm and stylish for years to come.

Production of these ponchos are monitored by the World Fair Trade Organization, ensuring everything produced is fair trade and ethically made. The products are created by the 65 employees working at Sabahar in Ethiopia, as well as over 120 artisans working outside the workplace. Sabahar focuses on providing a safe and supportive workplace for all employees. They have a training program and particular focus on employing and empowering women. A positive work environment, focused on maintaining traditional weaving traditions, creates opportunities for artisans to flourish. Some of Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia’s past fistula patients spin the cotton used to create the textiles available at the Hamlin Shop products, including the ponchos and capes. Each beautifully crafted piece displays the care and passion on its maker. 

Why you need a cape or poncho in your winter wardrobe

The Hamlin Shop’s stylish capes and ponchos not only provide a new staple wardrobe piece, they also support sustainable, conscious clothing production and the people behind the items. The Hamlin Shop ships worldwide. You can buy one of our beautifully crafted capes or ponchos for yourself, or as the perfect gift for friends and family! Each order is packed by our volunteers with the same love and care that goes into the production of each piece.

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Written by Anna Norden, intern at the Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation.

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