One Gift, From the Heart, to Transform Women’s Lives this Christmas.

December 17, 2020

One Gift, From the Heart, to Transform Women’s Lives this Christmas.

Our Gift From the Heart eCard range makes giving easy and oh so powerful.  Send a Gift From the Heart eCard to your loved ones and restore hope in Ethiopian women with obstetric fistula.


What is a Gift From the Heart?

A Gift From the Heart is life-changing. It is a tax-deductible eCard that can fund a tangible service for fistula patients at Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia.

Each Gift From the Heart eCard represents one way your generosity can restore dignity to women suffering with a fistula injury. There are eight life-changing eCards to choose from, available to suit a range of budgets. An easy way to spread love this festive season.

Special edition Christmas eCard from $10

Feel amazing this Christmas by transforming women's lives with our special Christmas eCard. A perfect gift for a loved one, this eCard lets you choose the donation amount. Starting from as little as $10, you can help create lasting change this Christmas.


The Gift of Slippers, $10

Help provide five pairs of slippers for patients who arrive without shoes.


The Gift of Love for your Mum, $20

Celebrate your mum and Dr Catherine Hamlin's legacy as 'Emaye' (Mother in Amharic) to her patients.


The Gift of a Dress, Nightgown and Bedding, $30

Healing starts with a nightgown and ends with a new dress for a patient when she is discharged. Help restore dignity today with this gift.


The Gift of Nutrition valued, $40

Support women's recovery by giving the gift of traditional, nutritious Ethiopian food.


The Gift of Physiotherapy, $50

Help a woman's physical recovery with the gift of long-term physiotherapy.


The Gift of a Support Pack, $100

Support women as they return to their communities with this pack of essential household items.


The Gift of a Fistula Operation, $700

Restore a woman's life by funding a fistula operation in a Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia hospital.


Don't want to buy more 'stuff' this Christmas? Give a Gift From the Heart eCard. It's an easy way to show love and send love this Christmas.

See the eight different ways you can help here!



By Aimee Barac-Dunn, intern at the Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation