Land of Second Chances: The Impossible Rise of Rwanda's Cycling Team

Hailed as "the sports book of the year," Land of Second Chances is the astonishing true story of four men determined to rebuild the hopes of a broken nation. Meet Adrien Niyonshuti, Tom Ritchey, Jonathan Boyer, and Paul Kagame. In a land desperate for heroes, they confront impossible odds as they struggle to put an upstart cycling team on the map-and find redemption in the eyes of the world.

Nearly two decades after the 1994 genocide that tore the country apart, the African nation of Rwanda remains haunted by its dark past.

"Hero" is a heavy burden to lay on the slim shoulders of Adrien, who was only seven years old during the genocide. Yet Rwanda's best young cyclist is obsessed with earning a slot to compete in the London Olympic Games. Supporting Adrien is his coach, Jonathan Boyer, the first American to race in the Tour de France and a controversial figure whose hopes for Rwanda mirror his own personal struggle. Tom Ritchey is an inventor of the mountain bike who comes to Rwanda with money and a vision but who bears the weight of a personal crisis that threatens to undo the good he brings to Africa. And there is Paul Kagame, the president of Rwanda, a man piecing together an egalitarian future for his country but who is all too susceptible to the corruption of power.

Land of Second Chances is the incredible true story of struggle, hope, and the life-giving promise of redemption through the unifying power of sport.

Paperback 288 pages. Published 2013.