Handwoven Konjit Infinity Scarf - Blues

This stunning infinity scarf is made from 65% handspun silk and 35% handspun cotton. Easy to wear, and falling in soft, even folds, it's perfect for cooler weather.

45cm x 160cm and sewn into a continuous loop.

Inspired by ancient weaving traditions, it is handmade in every sense, from the spinning of the thread to weaving the cloth and even finishing the fringes on each scarf. 
We are proud to partner with this supplier in Addis Ababa; a member of the World Fair Trade organization, providing employment for Ethiopian men and women in a highly empowering work environment. Cotton is supplied from various sources in Ethiopia, including from some cured fistula patients who live near Addis Ababa. Dr Hamlin once chose a gift for Queen Elizabeth from their beautiful range.