Catherine's Gift & Kisii Bundle

Since 1959, Dr Catherine Hamlin has lived and worked in Ethiopia. With her husband, Reg, she pioneered surgery for obstetric fistula and established the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital.

John Little takes us inside the extraordinary world of Dr Catherine Hamlin following the fate of some of the women who have travelled to Dr Hamlin's hospitals in the hope of a cure for their fistula injuries. It shows us the day-to-day experiences of the staff and the tireless work of Catherine Hamlin herself.  Paperback 288 pages. Published 2010.

Bundled with red Kisii Stone, also known as Soap Stone mined outside the town of Kisii in Kenya.  Each of these stunning hearts is carved by hand using knives and other handmade tools, before it is sanded and polished. We are delighted to support the Kisii Stone project in Kenya by offering you this stunning stone love heart. You can feel the love when you hold one in your hand! Approx 7cm and 300g.
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