Emergency Sex (and Other Desperate Measures)

This is an honest and at times brutal and heart wrenching account by Kenneth Cain, Andrew Thomson, Heidi Postlewait of their experiences working for the UN across a range of war torn countries including Cambodia, Somalia, Rwanda and Haiti.

The book never loses it sense of black humour whilst at the same time dispelling any romanticism of such work. It details how the three friends meet, connect and bond as their stories interweave across the globe and their experiences irrevocably change the way they feel about UN work and life. A must read.

Paperback 320 pages. Published 2006.

TEAM HAMLIN PICK - Emergency Sex comes highly recommend by CEO Lucy Perry, Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia (Australia).
"This CEO gig has been the most demanding job I have ever had. So it's been a while since a book really held my full attention, sucked me in and made me put my life on hold 24/7 until I finished it. Emergency Sex is the first book I've read in two years which has had that effect. It is a fast-paced narrative which switches between the three authors and their personal perspectives. It horrified me in places and certainly challenged my understanding of the role of the UN. But it also galvanised my determination to help a country like Ethiopia as much as I can. Don't be put off by the title, if that bothers you. It's not a book about sex!" Lucy