Shamida Ethiopia Shopping Tote

Show your love for former Hamlin patients with this ultlra handy, stylish, Shamida shopping tote! Shamida Ethiopia is one of the warm and welcoming places associated with Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia's patient reintegration program. Twendy-eight former Hamlin patients are now employed at Shamida as nannies and spend their days caring for children who have no-one else. At Shamida, these former fistula patients are paid properly and live in a safe, caring environment where they can thrive

Measuring 40 x 32 with a 18cm gusset, made of jute with laminated interior and cotton covered rope handles. It's robust and there's plenty of room. Proceeds from the sale of this bag support Shamida Ethiopia and Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia. You can read more about Shamida on our blog