Top Ten Valentine's Day Gifts

February 05, 2019

Top Ten Valentine's Day Gifts

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it can be difficult to find presents that stand out from the usual chocolates-and-roses fare. This Valentine’s Day, the Hamlin Shop has curated a range of ethically-sourced, Fairtrade gifts that give back. Here are some of our staff’s favourites: 


One: Magnolia Peony Scented Candle


Hand poured by Fairtrade artisans in South Africa, this scented candle leaves a beautifully subtle scent. It makes for a great present due to its universal desirability (who doesn’t like candles?).

You can find this fragrant gift here.


Two: Kisii Heart Apple Dots

This large decorative heart, hand-carved out of Kisii Stone (also known as Soap Stone), is a fantastic addition to the home or office of a loved one. Created by the artisans of the Kisii Stone project in Kenya, we love the fresh and vibrant feel of this apple green stone!

If you 'heart' this gift, you can purchase it here.


Three: Beamlak Necklace

For a gift that has an inspiring journey, the Beamlak Necklace is the gift for you! It features beads that were once artillery shells found on the farms of mountainous Northern Ethiopia. Through traditional techniques passed down for generations, the village artisans melt these shells down to produce handmade delicate beads; the beads are then sent to Entoto Mountain where local women skilfully create beautiful jewellery in a loving community environment.

Buy the Beamlak Necklace today!


Four: Hamlin Shea in Lemon Myrtle

For a chemical-free, rejuvenating moisturiser, the Hamlin Shea is the perfect choice. The lemon myrtle iteration of Hamlin Shea sees a gorgeous African-Australian connection with our unrefined, virgin shea butter from Ghana harmoniously pared with Australian lemon myrtle botanicals. Production of Hamlin Shea supports the mostly female Ghanaian farmers, allowing them to improve their living standards and invest in their farms.

You can find the Hamlin Shea in Lemon Myrtle here.


Five: Earrings and Scarf Bundle

Beautifully presented, this bundle features our Bullets to Beads (Tedy) earrings and our Desta scarf in lime. The Tedy earrings feature beads made from melted bullet casings and gorgeously polished by artisans in Ethiopia. The Desta scarf is a stunning example of handweaving techniques. 100% Ethiopian cotton is spun by local artisans – including former Hamlin patients – and coloured using natural dyes. This stylish bundle is great value and tells two distinct stories of Ethiopian female empowerment through Fairtrade products.

You can purchase this bundle here.


Six: Soy Wax Lantern in Congo White

These beautiful candle lanterns are made by artisans in Eswatini (Swaziland) using the ancient technique of ‘Millefiore’ (a thousand flowers) to decorate the glass. Established in 1981m the Swazi Candles project provides a safe and enjoyable working environment committed to sharing profits with its workers. For a rich and romantic glow, we love these lanterns.

These beautiful lanterns can be found here.


Seven: Kazuri Necklace in Mint

Handmade from clay, this lovely necklace is a dash of colour to any wardrobe. The mint colour scheme is perfect for late summer. Moreover, this necklace supports disadvantaged women in Kenya with sustainable employment opportunities through the Kazuri project.

This necklace can be found here.


Eight: Handwoven Desta Scarf in Turquoise

Gorgeous, light and versatile, this scarf is made of cotton spun by hand and woven using ancient weaving traditions. Desta scarves are made of 100% Ethiopian cotton sourced from small-holder farmers. Hand weaving is an intricate process that takes a lot of time and imbues a lot of love into the final product; for a gift packed with love, our Desta scarves are a must-have.

Purchase a Desta scarf here!


Nine: Kisii Heart Pink Circle

Featuring intricately carved circle motifs, the Kisii Heart with Pink Circles makes a splendid gift for your Valentine. Kisii Stone, also known as Soap Stone, is mined outside of the town of Kisii in Kenya. Artisans carve each heart by hand and you can feel the love when you hold one in your hand!

You can find the Kisii Heart with Pink Circles here


Ten: Kazuri Earrings in Stone

‘Kazuri’ means “small and beautiful” in Swahili, and that’s the best way to describe these handmade earrings. We love the warm, earthy colour of these earrings. Production of these earrings support employment opportunities for disadvantaged women in Kenya.

You can buy the Kazuri Earrings in Stone here.



No matter what ethically-sourced gift you purchase from the Hamlin Shop this Valentine’s Day, proceeds will support Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia’s goal to eradicate fistula. Forever.