March 27, 2018


New to the Hamlin shop this month is a fabulous range of jewellery, goats milk soap and handcrafts from the very creative folks at Terrewode in Uganda. 

Founded in 2001, Terrewode is a community based organisation with values in line with a woman’s fundamental right to quality healthcare. The organisation works to support the Ugandan women by creating awareness of obstetric fistula, offering treatment, education and support and, ultimately, preventing fistula altogether.

This year, the Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation is proud to partner with Terrewode to create a new fistula hospital, based on the Hamlin model of care.


The jewellery, soap and handcrafts are made by women who are recovering from fistula surgery. They learn skills that that will help them restart their lives, create an income stream and help them reintegrate into their community.

The vibrant colours of Uganda come to us in a variety of items from the women of Terrewode: necklaces, earrings and bracelets, made from paper and glass beads, richly patterned fabric is transformed into headbands and jewellery bags and local goats milk is used in making soap.

Favourite in the Hamlin shop is the Star bracelet in vivid blue – a stack of these on your arm makes an impression with any outfit. 


Left: Paper Bead Star Bracelet; Right: Single Strand Paper Bead Bracelet

The single strand paper bead bracelets have a delicate and graceful feel and look great worn with your favourite gold or silver bangles. Matching earrings and necklaces complete the picture.

One of the popular items from Terrewode is the Shea Butter soap, made using traditional methods and locally sourced ingredients including sunflower oil, shea butter and goat’s milk. The resulting product is gentle but effective and great for sensitive skin.


Goats Milk Large Soap

In early 2018 The Catherine Hamlin fistula Foundation was very pleased to announce a partnership with Terrewode to bring the Hamlin Model of Care to Uganda. Together, we will construct a 30 bed hospital and 30 bed recovery facility as well as support services such as physiotherapy and pharmacy, kitchen, laundry and staff accommodation. The centre will be located at Soroti, a remote Ugandan town approximately 300km east of the capital Kampala.

Building will commence in early 2018, with patients being welcomed in mid-2019 to start the process of rebuilding their lives with the latest fistula surgery techniques and treatment. The care offered will comprise not only surgical but also counselling and advice for patients and their families, as well as skills development to ensure fistula patients have a future filled with promise and economic security.

By purchasing these handmade items, you are supporting the women of Uganda by empowering them with economic self-sufficiency and sending a message of hope and encouragement.

Visit the jewellery range here.