Soothing scents & candlelight

May 19, 2017

Soothing scents & candlelight

Our scented candle range includes Toasted Vanilla, Lemongrass & Lavender, Winter Wonder, and Magnolia Peony. Presented in a glass tumbler, they are long lasting and create a lovely ambience.

They're handmade in South Africa by a guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organisation. This is an assurance that employees are treated fairly and their supply chain is ethical. They have a long standing commitment to helping people in the community, by providing employment to those who need it most.

It's good to know that, just by purchasing a scented candle, we can all play a part in providing a better life for someone. Proceeds support both the artisans in South Africa, and Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia.


Our Retail Manager, Tanya, counts these candles among her favourite things at The Hamlin Shop. 

"I've been part of the team in Sydney for five years and I've had the privilege of meeting Dr Hamlin a few times. Catherine is quite a lady. She has a remarkable presence, and a rare combination of strength, determination and empathy. Her love for her patients and staff is unending. I am inspired by her commitment and by the progress her team is making in Ethiopia. 

The Hamlin Shop sources the best Fairtrade gifts from across Africa, and we return all the proceeds to Ethiopia, where the funds help restore the lives of fistula patients. Since we began in 2012, we've sold tens of thousands of products, and raised enough to help hundreds of women.

The shop is run by volunteers, and when you place an order you'll see a handwritten note from them. They are so generous! They give a day a week, or a day or fortnight of their time. And they are all just the loveliest people.

I love our scented candles from South Africa. They're handmade, beautifully packaged and well priced. Perfect for a gift. I keep one on the sales desk at work and another one at home. They last hours, and the scents are just right (not too overpowering). Customers always comment on the beautiful fragrance. They sell themselves. And of course, the more we can sell, the more we can support the artisans in South Africa and our brave fistula patients in Ethiopia."

Find yours here.