NEW Cards!

October 31, 2018

NEW Cards!


One of the best ways to support the work of Dr Catherine Hamlin is through our new Gifts from the Heart range.  Available to suit a range of budgets and special interest areas, Gifts from the Heart make gift giving easy and oh so powerful.  You will receive a tax deductible receipt for all card purchases

Gifts from the heart are available in three different ways from our online store:

A gorgeous printed gift card is sent to you so you can add your own personal message or give us the details and we can write a message on your behalf before sending the card to your nominated recipient

A beautifully animated electronic card is sent to your nominated email address with your personalised message.  These cards can be set to arrive on the day of your choosing – what a lovely way to celebrate a birthday or Christmas

A PDF eCard is sent via email for you (or your chosen recipient) to print at home

The Gifts from the Heart range includes:

Five Brave Souls - buys shoes for five women who can then leave the Fistula hospital with suitable footwear.   $10

Dress with Dignity – provides a nightgown and bedding for a hospital stay and a dress to wear home once treatment is completed.     $30

Walking with Hope – represents pre and post-operative physio care for a brave fistula patient     $50

Reaching Every Woman – assists in identifying women in isolated areas of Ethiopia in need of treatment             $60

Education to Empower – provides numeracy and literacy classes for a patient while in the Hamlin Fistula Hospital   $120

A Midwife for All – provides resources to recruit a high school student to study at the Hamlin College of Midwifery         $200

Life Restoring Surgery – funds a fistula operation for one patient, completely restoring her life and dignity                $600

Stocked for a Year – supports the work of a Hamlin Midwifery clinic by ensuring it is fully stocked with medical supplies for a whole year         $780

Gifts from the Heart are truly a gift of love, perfect for Christmas, birthdays, weddings or any other special occasion when you want to send a message of hope, care and optimism.