Hayley's handwoven towel

January 30, 2017

Hayley's handwoven towel

Hayley ( Hamlin Supporter)

"My sister has been volunteering on Mondays for Hamlin for about two years and last year when the on-line store got crazy busy at Christmas time I came in and helped out with packing on-line orders.

The women who volunteer on Mondays are so diverse, in age and occupation, and it was such a buzz to come to Hamlin HQ. Their ages range from 63-23 and its fascinating that within the 40 year age gap they have forged such awesome friendships and team work through their mutual passion for Catherine Hamlin's work.

A day at the beach in January during the Christmas break was their opportunity for a catch up and a chance to use the beautiful Oromo towels that my sister had bought my family for Christmas. I took my Oromo with me to Greece on a recent holiday and I received so my compliments about it every time I used it. My friends were envious that not only did I have a beautiful towel, it packed away into nothing and dried in the blink of an eye after a day on the beach. No having to pack a soggy towel in my luggage! They are woven by hand in Ethiopia using only local handspun cotton and natural dyes. The towels are definitely my favourite thing."