Catherine's earrings

February 20, 2017

Catherine's earrings

Catherine ( Hamlin supporter)

"I met my friend Pip 15 years ago when we were both working at a major maternity hospital as midwives. We have a shared passion for the work of Catherine and Reg Hamlin and we hosted a High Tea for Hamlin in its inaugural year. Pip wanted to raise $4000 to go towards training a Hamlin Midwife for one year of the Midwifery degree at the Hamlin College of Midwives. I said "in your dreams" but knew that any money raised would go to an awesome cause - we raised over $5,000 and we were blown away by the generosity of our friends!

I recently had a 'significant' birthday party which I had stated clearly on the invite NO PRESENTS........ as usual Pip took no notice and gave me this beautiful pair of fairtrade earrings from Kenya. I wasn't too mad at Pip because I knew the money she had spent supports the fistula patients and midwives in Ethiopia. I especially love them because they are handcrafted, supporting disadvantaged women in Kenya (and Ethiopia) as well as being my favourite colour! Apparently Kazuri means small and beautiful in Swahili which they definitely are."

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